Richard Campanella
Shown below is 1 of 37 pairs of then-and-now photographs of historic New Orleans, dating from the 1840s to the 1990s. See if you recognize their locations (some are difficult!). Want to see more? Please check out my 1999 book, New Orleans Then and Now.

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“…an unprecedented resource—a scholarly, absorbing and often surprising history of how New Orleans grew up…. Campanella unveils a New Orleans that is rich in detail and rooted in a profound knowledge of, and affection for, the quirky old town. What sets ['Time and Place in New Orleans'] apart from more conventional histories is Campanella’s thorough analytical method. He probes and dissects the city, exposing seams, frameworks and recurring patterns…. Numerous maps, contemporary and historical photographs, drawings, charts and graphs illustrate his interesting narrative.”

--The Tulanian

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Released May 1, 2015 from Pavilion Books, London
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